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You're not the only one 😭😭

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Really Geoff? Really? 🙄 That comment says a lot more about you than it does anyone else. Maybe stop moaning and h…

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RT @BBCBreakfast: Labour MP Stephen Kinnock tells #BBCBreakfast that "weak and incompetent leadership" was a big factor in the party's poor…

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What a wonderful gesture from @JohnBarrowman to invite Terrence to see his show 🙌🏻

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I am not sure I can cope with this. If you’ve been following Terrence’s story on #BBCBreakfast you’ll love this. We…

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There are many reasons why I love my wife but this is right up there... her rocky road / tiffin in the shape of a C…

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@Julia_St_Albans 3 large helpings of cheddar, a doorstep of another unknown lump and a job lot of Stilton 👏🏻

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@jcorrigangolf I know that my friend and I enjoy reading it most of the time. It was getting to the point of it not…

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One of my highlights of 2019 has been getting to know Tony ‘Flypast’ Foulds. Today he came round for lunch, he ate…

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@jcorrigangolf Yep... exactly what I said James... virtually word for word 😂🙄😂 If it makes you that angry just don’…

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Well deserved @benstokes38. Instrumental in the World Cup win & innings of his life in the Ashes. Top of the tree in 2019 #SPOTY

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@jcorrigangolf Dear me James 😂 Just don’t watch it. Save yourself the hassle & stress

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Can’t wait for this tomorrow to on #BBCBreakfast

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Wow 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Doddie Weir 🙌🏻

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@RamsayGolf @BBCSPOTY Kippers on the dock big man

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@xbtsol @GaryLineker Hi Jony. I’ve got 1948 on the phone... you ok to talk to them? 🙄😂