Welcome to my website. Feel free to have a good look around. On this page you can see what I've been up to recently but do have a good poke around the site. You'll be able to see more of what I've been busy with, what's coming up or you can send me an email if you've got a burning question or simply want to tell me that the shirt I wore on telly last week was a shocker.

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  • Wonderful interview with Tony Pulis by @juliette_grace on #FootballFocus today. Really eye-opening and honest https://t.co/TNWeSwtRZN

  • Got a rather distressed dog after an operation on a dodgy knee. Anyone got a number for Noel Edmonds? https://t.co/0N9WRmNFKS

  • Look what just turned up!!!! Copy number 1. It's out on the 20th of October https://t.co/UrWq8CbPez

  • 3 top athletes & these 2 on this morning. Thanks for watching @BBCBreakfast #Packed @DerrenBrown @asabfb https://t.co/i5bJEl4Mki

  • We survived the hurricane. What a star @HCDream2012 is. Thanks for coming on @BBCBreakfast https://t.co/XZrynddyXt